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Lady Gaga and Cosplay Costumes
  • Date: 23-06-2011
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  • Author: spring

I'm actually organizing a saturday night group at Otakon for Lady Gaga cosplay. It will be crazy, full of hair bows, and maybe some drunkness. I'm planning on doing an outfit from LoveGame cuz I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan.These are the comment by the fan of lady Gaga.When come to cosplay costumes,the first sight of our mind is lady Gaga. She almost captured the attention of everybobdy.What is the reason that she become so successful? This article will disclose the secret.

Firstly, answer my seemingly stupid question, "what impression does Lady Gaga in Sexy Lingerie and hot black fishnet thigh high stockings leave you at your first sight"? Of course, your answers must be "beautiful", "sexy" and "attractive". We give out our praises and compliments without any hesitation. This is the truth for both men and women. Why? The reason is that every man, normal he is, is mostly likely to covet women with killer bodies, who will become crazy for women in shiny metallic zentai suits or Sexy Lingerie. These visual stimulus stemmed from females can trigger excitement and sense of satisfaction in the body organism on the part of males. So is the case that why women also show strong interest in Lady Gaga.

In my opinion,, women's adoration must be different from that of men; it is not love, on the contrary it is kind of jealousy or admiration. And do not forget most women have the quality of keeping up with their Gaga, so in quite a sense, the apparel, accessories, hairstyle and even the stars' manners of walking and talking can all become something that is all the rage and to be followed. This is how fashion is created, spread and continued. A beautiful woman is supposed to be endowed with some more good qualities by most counterparts in society, such as wisdom, humor, kind-heartedness, patience and gracefulness, even though the fact may turn out that our expectation is merely a supposition. However, we're social in our nature, these assumed qualities help those pretty women move on and on in their life career, attaining success one after another. See the achievements of Fame Monster. You will find out the truth and agree to my reasonableness.

Lady Gaga‘s wearing style to us, the zentai suits lovers; it is really good news. We find a good zentai fashion wearing leader.


Article source: www.ideamarketers.com

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